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Past gallery shows

Art in the Neighborhood corner

During Rovaniemi‐week, 2.‐8.9., Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli turned into a lively atelier filled with hustle and bustle of the 12 working artists. The guests were invited to follow how a white canvas turns into a piece of art in the hands of the artists. They were working with many different techniques and the guests could follow the work in progress every day of the week. There was also an exhibition to be viewed in the gallery and its garden by the 12 artist joining the event.

More info about the event here.


Villa Vinkkeli full of artist

During Rovaniemi-week 3.-9.9.2018 studio gallery Villa Vinkkeli was full of artists.


Artists who took part:Laura Haapamäki, Maritta Jänkälä, Ritva Heiskanen, Ritva Kuusisto, Asko Ilmari Heinonen, Ulla Hoikka, Eila Puhakka, Kikka Yli-Penttilä, Asko Luosujärvi, Terttu Nissinen and Kaisa Sirén.

Cherry on top was the group gallery show Kesäkeitto, featuring works from all the attending artists and also abstract paintings byMaija Vanhatapio, ceramic by Anu Pentik and sculptures by Risto Immonen.

The event also included photography demo, photoshoot for friends and family and jewelry making workshop.

Dream - Dusk - Daring

The first gallery show in Villa Vinkkeli was Dream - Dusk - Daring by Kaisa Sirén. It was celebrating the one year anniversary of the photography studio in Villa Vinkkeli. It featured abstract photographs of mindscapes in arctic colours.


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