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Past events

Sanoja ja Valokuvia


Get inspired by photographic art - make your own poems


Kaisa Sirén and writing instructor Anne Lukkarila invited people to be inspired by photographs and guided them to make their own poems.

Orangutangs - The men of the forest


Photo show about the orangutangs living in the rainforest of Borneo

Come to see as Kaisa Sirén shows her photographs and tells stories or the orangutangs in the rainforest of Borneo. The lives of the orangutangs are getting difficult because large areas of the rainforest have been cut down.

Letters from Kamchatka bears


Photo show about bears in the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Russia

This autumn's photo show is pictures of bears from Kamchatka peninsula of Russia. In Kaisa Sirén's photographs you can see bears fishing for salmon. The photos have lots of movement and emotions, and they show the very wide range of expressions and moods that bears can have. Included are photos from very different bears, from old huge males to little cubs. In Finland most bear photos are taken from a hide and the bears are lured there with meat, but these photos are from the bears' natural fishing area. The bears passed us photographers from only 3 meters distance. The area is unique in the world and photography permits are rarely given.

Life as a penguin


Photo show from the blue and white world of Antarctica


The scale of Antarctica is difficult to understand. The icebergs that float by can be several kilometers long, the glaciers many hundred meters high and the penguin colonies have thousands of penguins. The icebergs have amazing shapes after rolling around in the sea for years. Leopard seals can find good hiding spots when hunting penguins.

And all this is in danger because of climate change.

In the shadow of the jungle

Kaisa Sirén's photographs of the mountain gorillas and western lowlands gorillas of Africa

In the "Gorilla evening" that happened several times in Villa Vinkkeli people could meet the gorillas of Africa trough a photo show.

Two countries; two gorilla species. First we went to the Republic of Congo to the national park of Odzala Kokoua to see the western lowlands gorillas. We were deep in the jungle in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing there except couple national park buildings and the gorillas.

Next we went to Volcanoes National park in Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas. All of the worlds approximately thousand mountain gorillas live there in a small area surrounded by farmland.

Somewhere up north

Kaisa Sirén's nature photos from Svalbard

In Rovaniemi Week's night of the arts 8.9.2018 you could travel to very northern scenery with Kaisa Sirén's photos. The trip took us all the way to the northern edge of Svalbard where Sirén had a photography expedition in July 2018. During the approximately 1000 km journey by ship they saw many wonders of the northern nature: Giant groups of birds, obese walruses, bearded seals, unbelievably turquoise icebergs, the edges of glaciers and the king of the northern lands: the polar bear. But the most memorable thing was the peace and quiet of undisturbed nature, and the wonderful light of the north. And since the event happened on the night of the arts, we also had some artistic impressions of Svalbard nature.