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Open call for artists for "Art in neighborhood corner" event during Rovaniemi-week
2. - 8.9.2019


Villa Vinkkeli is a new art center in Ounasmetsä, Rovaniemi. The house has an art gallery and the photo studio of photographer Kaisa Sirén. Villa Vinkkeli can also host cultural events. Other than art gallery shows, we have photography show evenings, workshops, courses, art sale events and local culture events for travelers.


During Rovaniemi-week 2.-8.9.2019 Villa Vinkkeli has week long art event "Art in the neighborhood corner in Villa Vinkkeli". The idea of the event is that the house is full of working artist, each gets their own working and sales space in the gallery. The visitors can see different ways of making art and buy some for themselves. On top of that we will set up a gallery show featuring art from all the attending artists. Villa Vinkkeli has 45 meters of walls to hang art on and proper gallery lighting. Sculpture and video art are also welcome.

2019 is the second time this event is in Villa Vinkkeli. In 2018  it was very popular and well liked.

Any type of art you can do safely and cleanly inside is welcome. Villa Vinkkeli also has a large yard that you can use if the weather is good. You can see more info about the spaces here.

Entrance fee is 20€ for 3 days and 5€ for extra days. The event lasts 7 days, and artists attending must be here at least 3 days. We will decide which days you will be here separately with each artist.

Villa Vinkkeli takes 10% sales commission of all sales.

Send an application by email to Tell about yourself, your art and what technique you use. Also attach a few pictures of your art and tell which days or how many days you will be available.

Send your application before 30.6.2019


For more information please call Kaisa Sirén 040-7769706 or send email.

Welcome to make art in Villa Vinkkeli!

Taiteilijoita Villa Vinkkelissä vuonna 2018